Is it ok to list activities you will do?

<p>For example, I'm not in NHS yet since I am a fall applicant but can I write it down?</p>

<p>How about for activities that are open to everyone? If they are later in the year, can I write them?</p>

<p>When colleges say that I will not be an eligible candidate if my information is not 'truthful,' how strict are they being?</p>

<p>I don't intend to or think I've lived in any way but I'm still paranoid.</p>

<p>Well if you note that you HAVEN'T actually done any of that YET, then you're not lying, but if you write it down for "2 years and running with 15 hours a week" then you'd be a big liar.</p>

<p>I don't see why you would WANT to put activities you haven't done YET into your college application though... they can't possibly mean anything to you, and I didn't even have enough room to fit the important activities I do right NOW... why waste space with things you haven't been involved in yet? Every applicant and their mother got into NHS, it's not even anything extinguished anymore, and I'm sure colleges will just toss aside activities you list that you haven't actually done yet. </p>

<p>My answer: don't bother. It won't help you, it may even hurt you, you may seem desperate, or you might start lying inadvertantly.</p>

<p>Oh by the way, since you're applying to college I would assume you're a senior. If you list that you haven't been a part of these clubs YET as a senior, but will start to be... that might raise a big question mark in adcom's heads about your intentions in doing such activities. Also, the latest that NHS starts IS senior year... i've never heard of an NHS that starts second HALF of senior year.</p>

<p>I see. Thanks. In the applications I've already done and did, I only put the most important activities (not that there are many, I guess this is a + since colleges don't like just-for-show clubs).</p>

<p>but what I'm lacking is non-athletic activities. I have two and none of them are really anything honestly. Colleges, it seems to me, prefer applicants to be very dedicated to a sport and a non-atheltic activity that are both meaningful. :(</p>

<p>NHS starts in late junior year and also starts for applicants in the new admissions process. I'm trying to apply early to all colleges to get whatever rolling admissions advantage I can snatch, especially for safety schools. Reach and matches I have to spend enough time so I balance effort and promptness.</p>

<p>"NHS, to be inducted Dec. 2004" you could put that</p>