Is it ok to sound a bit childish (but cute) in the essay?

<p>I'm writing #2, the "fun experience" essay ;p</p>

<p>someone please? bump!</p>

<p>To answer your question: yes. It's supposed to be about something that's plain fun. You shouldn't be writing about lab research etc. I would warn that the essay can and should reflect your inner child (something they want to see!) but it should not display immaturity. Your application says that that you're incredibly smart and motivated; the essay shows that you still know how to live life and that you will be a valuable person (not just student) at the college. Hope this helps!</p>

<p>How long is your essay?</p>

<p>@abc1230: Thanks, that makes lots of sense! :)</p>

<p>@panda9: 466 words, one page single-lined</p>

<p>Do you happen to know if the length of the essay matters? I wrote a short essay about 250 words for another college and their prompts were similar.</p>

<p>Or would you recommend writing a standard 5 paragraph essay? Thanks!</p>

<p>Use as much/little space as you need to communicate the content. What's more important is what you convey and how well you do it. Good luck!</p>