Is it OK to upload a rec letter yourself for the Arts Supplement?

<p>I'm submitting an Arts Supplement and one of the things they require is the Arts teacher rec letter. My teacher had written several on paper to send them to the colleges I asked her to, but then I decided to submit it online. She scanned it, with her signature, and I let her upload it for me and we submitted it in right then and there to make sure it's confidential. However I'm not sure if this would work. Are we actually allowed to look at the recs, if the option to upload them is available like that? </p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>


<p>I'm not exactly sure what your question/problem is....but if you're asking if you can read what your teacher wrote about you......yes and no. Yes, if you did not waive your rights of reading your teacher's rec, but that's not a good thing because college admissions gets an idea that you don't trust your teacher. No, if you waived your rights on FERPA to read your teacher's rec., which is what most students do/guidance recommends it.</p>

<p>I waived my rights. I'm just wondering if it's okay to upload a rec like that onto the Common App? It would seem like I read the rec.</p>

<p>Well if the teacher uploaded it to common app, I don't see the problem. Or she can retype it if she doesn't mind if you're really paranoid about it.</p>

<p>The Arts Supp recommendation is a strange animal. To submit it online, the student must upload the recommendation, which essentially means that confidentiality goes out the window. If teachers want to keep the letter confidential (as many understandably do), then the student can simply indicate in Future Plans that he or she intends to submit the AS on paper.</p>

<p>For what it's worth, this has nothing to do with the FERPA Waiver. When you sign it, you are waiving your right to see the recommendation at a future date. You are NOT claiming that you have not seen the letter, although that's probably true in most cases.</p>