Is it OK to work part time during gap year?

I have one year of full time work experience and am considering shifting to part time for 1-2 years to devote more time to the LSAT.

Would this negatively affect admission chances?

I will be applying to part time law programs, if that makes any difference

Shifting to part-time work for 1-2 years to devote more time to the LSAT can have both positive and negative implications for your law school admission chances, depending on how you approach it and how it is perceived by admissions committees.

Two years of prep for the LSAT is QUITE a lot of prep!

What kind of job are you working in now- and will you be able to support yourself with only part time work for two years? And then pay for law school?

I’m not sure law schools will care, but you need to work through the financial implications- plus losing health insurance and any other employee benefits once you move to part time…

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Part time law school?

So a T4 school?

I agree with @Blossom.

I don’t see how much more gain you’d get from studying a few months to two years. Seems over kill.

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I have a current child studying for lsat. Two years is way overboard, even while working.
What/where is a part-time law school?