Is it okay if I take SAT in October and SAT Subject Test in November if I want to go in Fall 2015?

<p>I am an Indian Student. I dont know when to take SAT if I take it next month (I have registered for June but I am thinking of changing the date), I dont think I will get more than 2050 (most probably 1900 - 2050) as I cant prepare right now due to my upcoming school exams. But if I give it october I think I can get around 2250-2350. But, then I wont be able to take the SAT Subject Test before November. SO, I wont be able to apply for early decision in Cornell (the university of my choice) but I dont think ED really has a lot of influence in the admission procedure. But, I want to know if send my score in first week of december is it going to affect my chances? My counselor told me that I should take it in June if I take SAT Subject Test in November I will receive it by the last week and I will send it by December but that is too late as she said that in her experience its better to send everything in november 1st week as colleges are first come first served. But, wouldnt my SAT affect my app? I mean its not the most imp but it is considered right. Is December too late (because if I send it in November end or december it would take around a week to reach)????
Please Help.
Also, If I just give it this time and end up getting a 2000 and take sat subjects in october send my app to half of my selected college and I take it second time in november and send it by december to the other half, is it bad?</p>

<p>Oh and I want to go for computer science in the following
Cornell, MIT, UIUC, Georgia Tech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Caltech, University of Pennsylvania and a few more colleges which are in the top 50s in the world. </p>