Is it okay to use commonapp essay for school that doesnt use commonapp?

<p>Is it okay to use my commonapp personal essay for say another school that doesnt use the commonapp system...?</p>

<p>will i get arrested or something if i do? or is it perfectly okay? </p>

<p>D: i dont wanna get arrested</p>

<p>um..i dont see why not..unless im missing something huge here.</p>

<p>the essay is your property, you are free to do whatever you want with it. its not like the commonapp suddenly owns your work and you can get in trouble..</p>

<p>mmm im going to bump this thread to get more opinions u seem a bit unsure with the
"unless im missing something huge here" </p>


<p>just use common sense, if the prompt from your non-app school is open and nonspecific, go right ahead, but don't submit an essay on yourself for the common app when the college is asking for an essay on why you chose to apply there or other school-specific reasons.</p>

<p>Yes, absolutely. Schools like Georgetown have essays that are very similar to CommonApp, and others have "free choice" or "personal essay" requirements that are loose enough for you to reuse essays.</p>

<p>sure of course. i don't see any point prohibiting you to do so..any essay written on Common App is your property. as long as it perfectly fits the essay prompts of non-common school. feel free to do so.</p>