Is It Pointless To Take Jan. Sats For College If Your A Senior?

<p>is it pointless for seniors to take jan sat iis or sats..cuz omg..i heard it is..yikes..?</p>

<p>Well...wouldn't you have already sent in your applications...? I don't totally know the whole process but it sounds like it might be kinda..a waste of time. But hey...what do I know..</p>

<p>yea it pretty much is pointless because most apps are due by beginning of january,</p>

<p>oooo mannn...<em>cries</em>..i mean i thought u could send in ur apps early and just write..ur gonna take sats in jan too cuz i know ima do horrible on my writing sat ii..wanted tot ake it over..GOSHHH..noooooo...there goes my life..i think..</p>

<p>many schools accept january</p>

<p>like what..cuz today the cornell chic..said they dont..again..<em>cries</em>..atleast got a fee waiver <em>yay</em></p>

<p>new sat goes on in march or feburary, I think. neobez is right that the janurary is sill the old sat.</p>

<p>I believe many schools DO accept the January test date scores. Check with your schools. The College Board would not offer the test (which is really only for seniors) if it were not useful!</p>

<p>ooo thnx u guys..givin me some hope!..</p>