is it possible for 2.0 gpa to go to 3.5? *freshman going to be a soph

is it possible for me to raise my gpa from a 2.0(75%) to a 3.5(90)? (the gpa calculations are from this chart)

[GPA</a> Conversion Chart](<a href=“]GPA”>

i am currently enrolled in Brooklyn Technical High School in nyc and it just recently hit me that i am doing horrible in school. i am asking this pathetic question because it bothers me that i might not be able to go to a decent university. Also i am not taking any honors or AP classes during my sophmore year (mainly because of my horrible grades). But i do plan to improve my grades during the coming school year. Lastly i only failed one class during my freshman year (some design class or DDP).

Ps. my second question is : if i were to do say 400+ volunteer hours at a clinic, would it some how help my chance of getting into a good college?

My extracurriculars:

Handball club
Animal Rights Club
Track Team

Thanks for reading

pps. srry i just wanted to say that the college that i want to go to is NYU Stern. I know that it is a very good school and this is one of the reason i am asking.


Hey! My husband went to Brooklyn tech in the 70’s! Sorry, I know that wasn’t helpful.

If you do a complete turn-a-round, then it might not matter much. I think some colleges don’t even look at your freshman classes when re-calculating your GPA. Either way, I’m sure if you show you’ve grown beyond that stage and have begun to take academics seriously, I’d say you’ve a chance.

In terms of changing your GPA, you still have your entire sophomore and junior year (and some of your senior) to bump your GPA up when admissions time comes around.

My gr 7 mark was 75, and my gr 10 mark was 90. Although different situation, it’s certainly possible.

thx for your replies. i will be sure to raise those grades but any one have an estimation on what kind of grades i would have to maintain if colleges were to include my freshman grades into my gpa calculations? my guess is at least in the mid 90s.

thanks for your input

Based on that link you would have to get a 4.0 (so 95-100) in every class for the next 3 years to bring the average GPA up to a 3.5

But that would be at the end of your senior year. End of junior year you would have around a 3.33 GPA if you got all 4.0s soph and senior year.

Anything is possible, but not likely.