Is it possible for an applicant to get "recruited" by Yale Daily News?

<p>You know how applicants can get recruited by the football or lacrosse team and get a leg up in admissions?</p>

<p>I was wondering if a person could get recruited by Yale Daily News as a photojournalist (if said person has gotten numerous national and international recognition for his/her photography). </p>

<p>Simply curious. Thanks!</p>

<p>nope..... . I'm pretty sure they are an independent entity with its own bd of directors and funding. Its overseers have no sway on Admissions.</p>

<p>Thats my thinking too. The YDN did recruit me, but only after I was admitted (they invited me to come check out some stuff at BDD with them). I highly doubt they can actually recruit writers in the sense of helping with admissions.</p>

<p>However, being a nationally/internationally recognized photojournalist is definitely a unique EC that would help your application to begin with</p>

<p>I love the OP. I'll recruit you for my newspaper ;)</p>

<p>^Do I know you o.o</p>

<p>Nope. Photography is not a recruited sport. Outside of athletics the only types of individuals who <em>might</em> get 'recruited' are certain musicians who play rare and needed instruments or some gifted singers (e.g. certain tenors or countertenors) with rare and needed voices. Even in those instances I doubt the academic standards are relaxed much.</p>

<p>thatguy100: how did they recruit you specifically? Do you know how they got your particular name from the admitted list?</p>

Even in those instances I doubt the academic standards are relaxed much.


<p>Trust me - my academic credentials are impeccable, but as an Asian American male odds are stacked against me in the Ivy admissions game. As such, I'll need any subjective advantage that I can get :/</p>

<p>@ saywhatz: maybe he's talking about the email that the editor sent out right before BDD? idk, just my guess.</p>

<p>Yes, someone from my school a few years back did.</p>

as an Asian American male odds are stacked against me


<p>I don't want to divert this thread into an Asian vs non-Asian argument but among the kids my daughter knows who got into Yale this year the one kid who everyone was most surprised that got in was an Asian American male. Mind you he wasn't unqualified, but most people's initial reaction was he was kidding. And no, he is not a photojournalist or 'hooked' in any other way. Bottom line: If you are good and lucky, you will get in.</p>

<p>I dont think it was me specifically that they recruited.. I just got an email about the YDN. Plus, one of my hosts at BDD was part of the YDN, so that helped..</p>

<p>Every accepted applicant gets an e-mail from YDN and then you can sign up for more notifications if you are interested.</p>