is it possible for me to self study ap lit and get a five?

hey, I’m currently an international student in Texas and I just finished my sophomore year. I came to the US as a freshman in high school two years ago, and currently, the high school I attend doesn’t offer ap lit. so I wonder is it possible for me to self study and get a five on the ap lit exam? I definitely won’t say I’m a good writer and reader in English compare to normal American kids since it’s only my second year learning English. But I love the English language and really enjoying the thrill when I pick up a new English word. so I wonder how am I suppose to get a five on ap lit by self-study. I guess I have my entire junior year to do that.

Why do you have to have a 5? If you enjoy the subject and it is not offered, you can certainly self study If you only want to do the work if you are guaranteed a 5, don’t do it.

So the question is: why do you want to do it at all?

Are you thinking that more APs will help you get into college? worried that you won’t have “enough”? self-studied APs won’t make a difference.

You will do more for your English language skills by reading than by self-studying for an AP.

Anything in life is “possible” but no one here knows you or your skills. Ask a teacher that knows you.

Please give us more information. Why do you want to do this?

I agree with others that you’re far better off reading books, especially classics, if you want to improve your English language skills.

You said your school doesn’t offer AP Lit. As a non-native English speaker, that will be a very tough exam for you. I don’t see any harm in taking the exam, BUT not at the expense of your grades in your regular classes or activities.

One, many colleges don’t consider AP scores in admissions. Two, it’s not necessary to get a 5 if you are looking for course credit, IF the college offers credit for the AP at all. Three, you will have to pay for the exam and find out where you can take it if your school isn’t prepared to provide a proctor for you.

Many selective colleges won’t be that impressed with self-studied APs. However, if you think you might want to major in English, then perhaps taking the exam can be a good way to show that interest. Bottom line, it’s fine to take it, but don’t assume you must get a five, don’t assume colleges will be impressed with it, and don’t allow this exam to interfere with other things.

yeah, first of all, I think it can impress college. second of all, it’s what I like to do anyway. these are basically two reasons why I want to do it.

Self-studying for AP exams does not impress admissions officers. A good reason to do so would be because earning college credit would save you money, or because you want to be exempt from a requirement in college in order to make room for a double major or explore another topic of interest that is not possible now.

If your reasons stated are the reasons you want to take it - go for it. If you are looking for college credit - most of the schools I have looked at don’t give any additional credit for AP Lit if you also took (and scored well on) AP Lang. It’s usually credit for the equivalent of English 101 for either test, but you don’t get additional credit for taking both.

IMO your time and energy would be better spent: 1) doing as well as possible in the HS classes you are taking; 2)increasing your involvement in ECs that are meaningful to you; and 3) enjoying time with family and friends.

Why AP Lit if it’s the language you love?

And with lit, it’s about reading, not testing to some company’s standards created by some committee. So we suspect this is a misunderstanding about college apps. And self study isn’t the way to impress. It’s not class, discussion, increasing your body of knowledge. Just getting a score.

If you dont get why we say this, you don’t understand what sorts of drives and follow through do impress college gatekeepers.

You think wrong. In my college admissions efforts for two daughters, AO’s have told me they don’t even look at AP scores and others have said they don’t mean much. You can see similar sentiments above, based on collective years of admissions experience and CC involvement.

If you have a personal interest in a topic and want to learn, that’s always a good reason to invest time in it. Though I’m not sure taking the specific exam gets you more than just reading and learning.

Typically, students would take AP English language and composition first.
If you love Literature, then read, read, read, everything, fiction and non fiction, graphic novels and poetry… + go to the movies for non blockbuster films including non English language films (to develop references+ a “visual” vocabulary) + try to attend plays, even if they’re just local high schools’ plays or (better) college plays. Doing all this will impress colleges much, much more than taking AP lit.
If you still love the idea of covering the AP Lit curriculum on your own, register for the test and do so 2nd semester senior year.