Is it possible for me to still receive a scholarship from UM?

<p>The University of Miami's admissions counselor told me that the "most competitive students for scholarships are students with an SAT score of at least 1350 (CR+M) or 30+ on the ACT." But he also said that just because you do not have a 1350 does not necessarily mean you won't get a scholarship, you are just more competitive if you do (they do a holistic review). Well I only have a 1240 SAT and have taken it 4 times. I just can't seem to do any better than this and it really upsets me because I believe that the rest of my stats are good:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9 something unweighted</p>

<p>Class Rank: 1 of 25</p>

<p>Involved in: Quiz Bowl, SGA, Key Club (vice president), Beta Club, Science Olympiad, Yearbook (2 years), Band (1 year), soccer (1 year), National Society of High School Scholars, Grad. Marshall</p>

<p>Three A.P. classes and about 7 honors classes. (Don't know A.P. exams scores yet, and I go to a small private school and I am in the hardest classes we have, even though we dont have that many AP's).</p>

<p>Taken classes through local community college (which also count as college credit)</p>

<p>I also was accepted into NCSSM Online, which are honors online classes I take (2 per year) IN ADDITION TO my regular school. (which is a pretty big deal because the classes are through the N.C. School of Science and Math).</p>

<p>I also have had two years experience working in an office at a local University during the summer, and have done 80 hours of community service. I have also received countless awards through my school. I have received all A's in high school.</p>

<p>I recently took the ACT but the scores aren't in yet, they will be in soon.
What are my chances to still get a scholarship even though I don't have the "competitive" 1350?

<p>the community college will only count as college credit if determined by the university. Chances are they will transfer some of the credit.</p>

<p>And scholarships to some extent are really unpredictable.
I got a 1430 had some extra curricular, and a decent rank, but a really low unweighted GPA. Got 20k.</p>

<p>This other girl I know had an SAT in the 900s, a lot of extra curricular, a decent unweighted gpa, but her class rank sucked....she got 20k.</p>

<p>Granted that was probably a miracle, but you never know.</p>

<p>With your GPA and class rank, you'll definitely at least receive some consideration.</p>

<p>Thanks for your response. I guess I will just apply as early as possible under Early Action and hope for the best!</p>