is it possible that teacher could possibly be pulling some strings or be well connected?

Just curious and hoping to add some conversation to the Princeton forum, because well Princeton is awesome and it makes me sad the forum is so quiet.

Anyways princeton is my top choice as has been for months. I’ve let one of my teachers know, and they were very supportive. However, as I’ve waited I’ve experienced doubt like everybody else because it’s well–Princeton. But this teacher has been so assuring in a way that makes me curious and suspicious. He firmly tells me I’m going to get in. When I got an early write to another school, he started asking me what was my top choice and if I’ve changed my mind (in a way that looked down on the other very selective school I got the write from ). He’s just been really pushy, in addition to other stuff (message me if you want to know). Yes I’ve gotten a couple early writes, yet I didn’t get an 95+ in his class, nor am I perfect.

Yes it’s possible he could really like the school–however he’s not an alum nor is anybody in his family. I’m not trying to look to much into it, but it really seems cryptic. Like a few days I was like I’m hopeful to get in, and he said you’re going to get in. I know it’s Princeton so I’m not trying to look into anything, but I feel that he could “know”. He’s rather well connected to different people also…

yes this forum has been strangely quiet. Prior to early decision, the posts were going fast and furious.

As to your question, unless you are being recruited by a faculty member, I find it odd that anyone would “know” who is getting in and who isn’t. It is a committee decision and selections are still being made. The class is a work in progress and I think of an admissions committee like a sculptor, cutting away applicants here and there until the shape of the class that is envisioned takes form.

I hope you are just misinterpreting, but this teacher sounds really odd and inappropriate. I advise you to be careful about your discussions with him and if he acts squirrely about stuff just ask him to clarify his statement. You will find out for sure when you find out, I wouldn’t speculate overly much.

There is very little to nothing anyone can to do pull strings. Guidance counsellors do have relations to admissions offices sometimes and can let colleges know that they are your first choice.

Look, people say that to kids all the time. I don’t know why they do it, maybe to keep them from worrying? My DD’s advisor has told her that she’ll get into EVERY school to which she applied. Does that mean she will? No, of course not! It’s crazy. It’s just his way of telling her that he thinks she’s awesome and not to worry. Unless your teacher is sitting at the committee table, he has no business telling you that you “will get in.” If I were your mother, I’d send an email to him and ask him to please stop.

I hope your teacher is right and you do get in if Princeton is your top choice. But I would be extremely skeptical of him having any kind of insider knowledge of the result of your application.

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@ccheennaa - Well said.

Back to your original question: I agree with the consensus; it is highly unlikely that your teacher has any special knowledge. That said, there are a few rare occasions when a third party possesses inside information about admissions. This could be on of those times.

I agree that it’s strange how silent this forum can be at times. I think the Harvard thread might attract more activity just because “it’s Harvard”. But as a friend of mine who does alumni interviews for Harvard told me: " ‘Because it’s Harvard’ is a ridiculously weak answer to the ‘Why Harvard?’ question".

Hang in there. It’s getting close.

@sherpa yeah, even I guess things like this could happen, but either way they person wouldn’t let you know because it’s too risky to expose one’s source.

and yeah Princeton is also relatively small compared to H and Y so that’s another factor.

Well, I’ll be over here waiting like everybody else. Some days I hope for a glitch in the system so I can just find out.

wait are you from NJ? maybe he has connections throughout Princeton, the city

My teacher said the same thing to one of my friends that he will get in, and he did not …

my friends said that i would and strangely enough i did.

@Proudmama123‌ no I’m not from NJ. But I wouldn’t put it past this person to have some connections. There is other information (do not want to post due to privacy reasons) that could put a possibility that the knows someone. I don’t see a definite relationship, but it could be possible although improbable.

Basically, if you PM I would tell you information that increases the probably that they may know someone.

@alfawarlord‌ haha did you see it coming! Or was it slightly surprising!

Well, soon we will have some additional information about this great mystery.

@ccheennaa‌ both to be honest, i had a good feeling when i submitted the application for some reason haha

Haha well I’m excited to find out! @JustOneDad‌ should I update everybody on this page, come decisions!?

Update? Of course! It’s required!
Everyone wants to solve The Mystery of the Smug Teacher.

@ccheennaa‌ Hope this worked out for you! Could you tell us what happened?