Is it possible to be accpeted after the semester starts?

<p>I applied to a school for spring semester of 2011 . The semester starts Jan. 10th, and I'm waiting for my transcripts to arrive . I don't know if my transcripts will arrive on time. I've already missed the deadline which was 12/15 . I don't know how long it usually takes for a school to make a decision, however, I meet the guaranteed admissions requirement. I'm still wondering if it's possible for them to send me an acceptance letter even after the semester starts? Idc about going to school late . I just desperately want to be in school next semester .</p>

<p>I doubt a school will let you enroll after the semester has actually started. You need to get your transcripts to the school you want to enroll in pronto. If you have your own, unofficial copies, see if the school you want to attend will accept them and make a provisional decision on your case. Otherwise, see if you can get the school you were previously attending to fax or express-mail your transcripts to your new school. There may be a large fee for rush service, but it would probably be worth it to you.</p>

<p>Call the admissions department at your new school and explain your situation, so they will know in advance that you will need a quick decision as soon as your application is complete.</p>