Is it possible to be rescinded?

<p>I got straight As last semester, but I'm slipping a little now. My final grade in AP Chemistry is a B, and I MIGHT get a C in Physics. It's an honors class, but still! Is there any chance of getting rescinded because of that?</p>

<p>Also, I'm on the Freshman Science Honors track as a Bio major...the fact that both of my bad classes right now are sciences is worrying. My major really has nothing to do with physics, but it has a lot to do with chemistry. Could I get dropped from the program because of my grades?</p>

<p>one word: nope</p>

<p>relax LOL</p>

<p>Is it possible? Yes.</p>

<p>Is it likely in your case? Hardly.</p>

<p>Like Saitsuzen said, relax.</p>

<p>No, your fine. Here are some things you should avoid in order not to get rescinded. </p>

<li>fail every class. </li>
<li>Commit multiple felonies. </li>
<li>Run around naked on the USC campus with a sign that says Rescind me.</li>

<p>ANything else and you should be good LOL :)</p>