Is it possible to convince a college to re-review my application after getting reject

I just got rejected from my second choice school. And I feel that my chances of getting accepted were on the border line of good. People with lower SAT scores and GPAs than me got into this college from my school. I know that grades are not the only deciding factors, but i also have a ton of extracurricular. I just want them to re-review it. Is that possible?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Probably not .</p>

<p>You or your GC can ask but...</p>

<p>Many colleges have an appeal procedure so check if the one you are referring to does. Nevertheless, those procedures usually state, in so many words, don't bother unless there is something new and significant to provide or they were in fact given wrong key information, such as a much lower SAT score than you actually had.</p>

<p>Don't appeal unless your application was incomplete, such as a teacher's recommendation or essay was not received or some test scores were not sent. Otherwise, the college won't appeal.</p>

<p>Very occasionally, a school will revisit a rejection. Normally, one or more of the following factors would apply:</p>

<li>Your HS GC knows the admissions folks at the college, especially if you go to an elite HS that sends a lot of kids to that college.</li>
<li>It's a small school with a holistic admissions process.</li>
<li>You have new information or credentials to show the college that didn't exist when you first applied.</li>
<li>You experienced special circumstances (health problem, family crisis) that the college didn't know about before.</li>

<p>If you tell us what college this is and what sort of HS you go to, we might be able to give you better guidance.</p>

<p>All the advice you need is here, ask your counselor to call and ask for feedback.</p>