Is it possible to do physics or engineering research at Stanford?

<p>Is there any summer program like that, or can I just call some random Stanford or UCB professor and ask for interning? I want to make a sci project "good enough" for ISEF. Hence, I need a good mentor. What do you say?</p>

<p>I wanted the head of my school's sci dept to be my mentor, but wrong things happened. My friends told me he was a crackpot, and I should have listened. He didn't have much knowlege, was very unorganized, eassily ****ed, etc. He was the type who made remarks like "I wish I can shoot the CEO of Yahoo!"
He actually supported communism and hated capitalism. I don't know why this is brought up in middle fo a science project . . . whatever it was, I ditched the old man. </p>

<p>From then on, I knew I wanted a university professor as a mentor, because they would be mature, polite, and knowledgeble. I live really close to Stanford and just a couple of miles from UCB. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>well I don't know any professor at Stanford but I have been under 2 mentors at my local university and it is a much better learning experience than classes at school or learning from your teachers. But good luck contacting the professors, most of them probably won't return your email, unless your school has some sort of mentoring program where the professors are already contacted or if Stanford has some program for HS students. However, don't count on the fact that all professors are mature, polite and knowledgeable, there are some who are like your science teacher.</p>

<p>Thanks! Anyone else?</p>