Is it possible to finish college a year early?!

<p>Basically I am a Freshman at Berkeley City College.
If I finish all my units and major prereq's + MORE classes for my major during summers etc, might it be possible to just do a year at the university and move on to big work?</p>

<p>Just an idea! But very aggravating one.</p>

<p>Sort of.</p>

<p>I am graduating from UW with a double major in Sociology and Communication in 3 years. I transferred from a community college after receiving my AA. (I did 20 credits per quarter most quarters at CC)</p>

<p>My sort in regards to the way you plan on doing it. I completed 2 years in a little over a year (5 quarters). So a little over a year at CC, and around 2 years at uw.</p>

<p>My hesitation comes from the fact that it sounds like you want to do most of the work at your CC and then just one year at the university? I can't speak for your university..but with UW they will only accept 90 transfer credits (aka two regular years worth). If that's your situation, you wouldn't be able to transfer all of those credits to the university.</p>