Is it possible to get a Master's in Psychology when you don't have a Bachelor's in Psychology?

I plan to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, but I’m starting to have an interest in Psychology. I was wondering if it would be hard to get into a graduate school for Psychology if I just minored in Psychology and haven’t taken any math classes for undergraduate? However, I plan to do some research in Psychology. Can research somehow alleviate the lack of math experience I have in undergraduate, or is it more likely that I will have to complete the required math classes during the first year of graduate school? Thanks in advance!

Different psychology programs have different requirements. If you minored in psychology and you are trying to go to a psychology master’s program that does not lead to licensure to counsel/provide therapy, then you will probably be fine.

If you are trying to get a master’s in mental health counseling or school psychology, those programs usually have prerequisites of very specific courses you need to have taken. So check and see if you have.

Also, psychology grad students usually have to take statistics in their first year or two. It’s non-calculus-based statistics, so if you don’t have a lot of math you’ll be fine. You just need basic algebra, so if you satisfied your math requirement in college you should be okay.

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