Is it possible to get in NYU Stern as a transfer?

<p>I did very poorly in my High School grades, my gpa was around 2.8
However, i decided i didnt want to apply to the US, instead, i wanted to stay in Brazil (my country)</p>

<p>It took my one year to get into the hardest business college in Brazil, i studied so bad this "gap year" i took, and it really changed me. I stopped being lazy like i was in high school</p>

<p>I opened a small business that is very successful in brazil, and im still a freshman at college. </p>

<p>My gpa is improving, and i was wondering if i could transfer to NYU Stern.</p>

<p>Do you think because of my mediocre high school curriculum i will be rejected? I really changed, and you can see it clearly in my grades at this college.</p>