is it possible to get in with a 2.3 gpa?

<p>this is why i think i have a chance..
my school is state known in ct. for being one of the most vigerous programs around. most kids in my school get in because of that. plus we have a good rep at uconn.
my SAT's are 1330/2400 (a bit low) but sill possible. i honestly blame my gpa on dropping dramatically bc of my french 3 final exam. it tore my gpa apart. it was the hardest test Ever. haha anyways maybe if they see its the french midterm i failed they won't be as harsh. its not like its math or english.. i also wrote a killer essay that has to do with my struggle with tourettes syndrome for the last 10 years.. if that isn't diverse i don't know what is. i have awesome ec's, community service, class involvment, sports, a job, and theater. according to naviance. (idk if this is just for my school) but the lowest gpa accepted in the past 5 years was a 1.6. so i may still have a shot.. but honestly what do you think.. remember gpa isn't everything.. also 75% of the kids in my school that since 2005 got in.</p>

<p>You always have a chance, but with a 2.3 GPA, it is unlikely you will be admitted.</p>

<p>Do you play any major sports??</p>