Is it possible to go from 1500 to 2200+ in 20 days?

<p>So i'm going to be a junior this year and I was wondering if anyone went from 1500 to above 2200 on their SAT. I've recently read post saying that it is even difficult to raise 200 points...</p>

<p>It's possible, just highly unlikely.</p>

<p>Not sure, but my first PSAT was 143, and my current SAT is 1800. Anything is possible. I plan on 2100+. I went up an estimated 370 points in 2 practice tests without opening a book. Only 300+ more to go...but this time with books:)</p>

<p>Gl to you too, as I'm also a junior in the fall. If you need help studying or want to study with me just ask.</p>

<p>no it's almost not possible at all.</p>

<p>1500 to 2000 is a bit of a stretch already, and 2000 to 2200 is much, much more difficult.</p>

<p>improving that much is probably very difficult. Unless you are in a very low grade, then getting a 1500 means that you lack some basic reasoning skills. Sure, you could learn grammar, math, and vocab, but the math-if your scoring that low, is not completely straightforward. Critical reading-at least the passage based questions requires some innate reasoning skills that you might not have. But still, dont give up-instead have more reasonable short term goals and then work your way up. Aim for a 1800-1900, then try to break 2000, etc. goodluck</p>

<p>I'm hoping you meant three months. If you did, then yes.</p>

<p>I don't understand the 20 days reference.</p>

<p>Going from 1500 to 2200 is probably one in 100,000. It has to be very rare, for reasons stated above. But I guess the real question is what difference does it make what anyone on here thinks about your chances? Now if you are looking for advice on how to raise your score as much as possible, you should probably start a thread with that kind of title.</p>

<p>Can you begin a prep course asap? You could most likely bring that up 300 pts. The preps really do work but you also have to commit yourself to doing all you can at home to prepare, take the practice tests, study the word lists. Good luck!</p>

<p>I'm not sure that is possible, but you never know. Silverturtle has a thread on sat prep, you should check it out. Do the practice tests in the Collegeboard Blue Book. Study the vocabulary words in Direct Hits. I am sure will raise your score if you put in the effort. It worked for me and I'm off to a decent college come September. Good Luck.</p>

<p>With determination anything is possible. I am not sure about 1500-2200, BUT I know my friend went from a 1600 to a 2340. He took his first practice test during the summer after his junior year, and got a 1620. He studied consistently for 1 hour a day and I had a couple study sessions with him. By the time of his may sat he scored a confident 2340. Just practice practice practice with the goal at mind and you should do fine!!!</p>

<p>p.s. I do not know what you mean by 20 days because you can take the SAT senior year too.</p>

<p>@jkiwmom a Prep course is not needed nor recommended in the time limit that the OP has, they will go over the basics and talk about time and stuff, just do like 2 practice tests a day if you are really serious about it, thats what I did and I got a 2400.</p>

<p>well 20 days = 480 hours, if you minimize your sleeping time, day dreaming time, eating time, bathroom time, and staring at the wall time, you should have about 360 hours left. that's 120 hours per section. if you use those 360 hours solely on SAT prep, stay constantly focused, acquire an effective and efficient strategy, and pray to god, it is possible. all jokes aside, it is still possible, just requires a lot of work.</p>

<p>^ That schedule is physically impossible. After a certain point, the human mind is too fatigued to take in any more info.</p>

staring at the wall time


<p>I spend most of my time doing that ;)</p>


he didnt even go to college lol</p>

<p>who says you have to go to college to take the SATs? When he's not playing basketball, he's perusing making flashcards and taking timed tests.. its one of his hobbies</p>

<p>It's almost impossible to go from 1500 to 2200 in 20 days, but in whole summer's work, that goal is achievable. I went from 1600 to 2120 in the real SAT in about one year of very very hard work. Recently I attained 2320 on a practice test, but I don't know how I will do on a real test. My practice tests results are usually really close to my real test results.</p>