Is it possible to go from Mississippi State to MIT/CMU?

So, college admission time is over and it is not the time to decide on which college to attend. I have decided on attending MSU over Georgia Tech because of the sheer cost difference. The main thing I am concerned about is being able to attend a top notch grad school from Mississippi State. So is getting in to a top grad school contingent upon going to a school with some prestige? Or is it really and actually what one does at their undergraduate college. I am going into Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence so MIT and CMU are the grad schools I would be shooting for. If anyone can advise me on the graduate school admission process, all responses are welcome!

Edit: it is now* the time to decide on which college to attend

I graduated from MSU (loved it) and live in Atlanta. I know GA Tech is a tough school. Don’t expect any help from other students since they grade on a curve. Super smart kids struggle to get Cs. Most GA kids that get in have the Hope Scholarship but I have heard most lose it first semester since you have to keep a 3.0. I do know if you can get through and graduate at Tech, you can get a job easily. As for MIT grad school, I am not sure if GPA is a big factor or not. Sounds like you could be in Honors college at MSU and probably finish with a better GPA. Have you looked at MIT’s requirements or got in their forums?