Is it possible to learn how to drive during college?

I don’t have a license, and wonder if it is possible to learn during college.

Of course it is. Call the local AAA office or google “driving schools”.

You could also find a friend with a car or post on the classifieds/switchboard and ask if someone will teach you.

I would say it depends on where you are going to college. You could learn to drive while attending a college in NYC but it would not be a great way to go IMO. But if you are a student at Oberlin, you should be able to learn to drive there. Its a smaller town so you can learn city driving. You also have rural roads very near by that will likely be better to start with. Getting to a highway will be a little further drive but you can do that when you have a better handle on the basics of driving.

Are you already a resident of Ohio. You must be a resident to get a license. If you are a resident and over 18 you can probably do it though you will need access to a car and somebody over 21 to drive with you once you pass the permit test. If you are under 18 it will be hard without a parent around

My son just finished his first year at Oberlin. We’re teaching him to drive and hoping he will pass his road test before he goes back for his sophomore year.

I sure hope so because my son still has his permit and starts college in the fall. :slight_smile: