Is it possible to raise SAT scores 200-300 points in 3 months?

Unfortunately I began looking at American College options late (from Canada) and have not looked into the SAT’s until today.
I took a practice test on Khan Academy today without any studying whatsoever and i got 1260. I’m aiming for a minimum of 1460, but 1500+ would be awesome.
The earliest I can take an official test is in early October. If I were to study for about 4-5 hours/day, say 6 days a week, for all of July, and a bit less in August and September, say 2-3 hours/day (going on vacation and senior year begins), are my goals realistic?? I’m very devoted to doing well and will work hard in order to see results.
Furthermore, does anyone have any study material suggestions? As of now I’m just using Khan Academy.

For Critical Reading and Grammar: Erica Meltzer, for math PWN the SAT and time official release SATs from College Board.

I agree with BingeWatcher’s choice of books. As for me, I raised my SAT by 100 points in just 1 month so I believe it’s possible to raise it 200-300 points in 3 months.

UWorld for math and Reddit SAT has many accumulated past tests for practice.

It is possible. But it is also possible you don’t. Also make sure you have schools on your list that can cover the lower test score possibilities.