is it possible to study bio on ur own?

<p>I think I have a problem. I'm planning to major in the sciences when I'm in college and I really want to take one of my subject tests in biology, but the problem is that my school has integrated science and honestly it teaches you nothing. Would you say it looks better on ur resume if you have a good score on the biology subject test if you were looking to major in biology? I'm not sure if I should study on my own even though I love biology and am good at it ( or I think I am). I don't think I can understand the Krebs cycle or anything like that without a person to actually show me what it all means. What are your opinions and what would you do in my situation?</p>

does anyone have any feedback?</p>

<p>If you wouldn't be able to understand the Krebs cycle w/o instruction, you will probably have trouble self studying for Bio. Still, take the time to look over the prep books to get an idea of what you're in for.</p>

<p>You don't really have to understand the Krebs cycle (I don't really) just its place in respiration and the beginning and end products.</p>

<p>lol yeah u dont really hafto understand it that well, besides its not THAT hard to comprehend lol...</p>

<p>The subject test is pretty general, and doesn't get nit-picky.</p>

<p>Pick up a good review book and you should be fine. Or you might want to read parts of your highschool textbook to get a better sense of the topics.</p>

<p>actually it does get a bit nitpicky....its more nitpicky then the AP lol...Thing is ...u get the most random questions sometimes....but like...if u get the barrons book and like MEMORIZE it ....then like u should get good Grades</p>

<p>The thing is you need some foundation before you pick up the barron's prep book. It's almost like studying Calculus without taking pre-calc, you won't excel if you skip the basics. </p>

<p>Xylem, you're right it does get random at times, but that's good ole CB trying to prevent that 800 from us. Damn them.</p>

<p>btw Xylem your bio studying tips helped me, thanks so much...i'll tell you how I do after october.</p>

<p>lol yeah stupid CB, want to make more money by having more people retake to get higher grades <em>Sighs</em>
o and glad my tips helped, i ll be waiting to hear what you got after u take the</p>

<p>is the Kaplan Bio study book too easy or ok?</p>

<p>Kaplan is good</p>

<p>tips for bio? plz share xylem :)</p>

<p>I've started studying the Sparknotes book and I am confident I will score well. I took bio frosh year, and I'm taking AP right now. Plus, we're doing ecology in class so it will be fresh in my mind.</p>

<p>kaplan is good, and Bio is definately a test that it is possible to self study for.</p>

<p>yeah you really can prep for it</p>

<p>im taking it in Dec 2 and i am studying by readingand taking tests in Barrons, Kaplan and Sparknotes</p>

<p>I also go to tutorials from my freshman biology teacher who is really good.</p>

<p>but yeah you definitely can self study</p>