Is it possible to submit two art/design portfolios to colleges?

I am thinking of composing a art (drawing and such) portfolio and a design (CAD, blender, and sketches) portfolio for colleges. I’m not to familiar with the submission process (I’m currently a sophomore) so I was wondering if it’s possible to send two portfolios and if anyone has done it before.

Every college will specify their portfolio policy. If you are applying to an art & design program it might make sense to show your range. On the other hand, if you are applying to a general BA program- even if you indicate that you plan to major in art / design- I recommend against it. The Art Department won’t see it, and the AO’s won’t see a point in separate portfolios. Some schools limit the amount of supplemental materials that you can upload. Except for A&D programs do not expect your portfolio to be a big element in the evaluation of your application.

There is a visual art forum here on CC that might be helpful too.