Is it possible to switch colleges during orientation?

<p>I signed up as computer science, but I want to switch to L&S for pre-bizecon.</p>

<p>is it also possible to get honors if I switch colleges? I qualified for honors, but the engineering college doesn't offer it, only L&S does.</p>

<p>and I chose the 110 orientation if it's relevant.</p>

<p>honors app was due a long time ago, so the answer to that question is probably no.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure its possible to switch from cs to bizecon, but I'm not sure - def call/email them about it asap</p>

<p>if you switch to L/S at any point in the future, you can apply to honors as soon as you've completed one quarter and gotten a 3.5 GPA or higher.</p>

<p>can you switch the other way around? (LS to something else)</p>

<p>thanks guys, I appreciate the responses</p>

<p>but can someone please give me a certain answer on if I could switch from engineering to L&S during orientation, if I'm going to attend a late one? (110)</p>

<p>when your orientation is won't matter.</p>

<p>your OC will be able to provide you with details. if you can, great, if you can't, there's really no hurry and your OC will advise you appropriate classes considering your intent to switch.</p>

<p>pick, liyana179 is right. The whole college thing confuses a lot of people. As a student in the college of engineering you can still take any class in L&S that you want (provided you have the pre-requisites and it isn't restricted to majors-only). For a pre-biz-econ major that means you can sign up for any of the classes you need.</p>

<p>So even if you can't switch colleges at orientation you can easily do so in the fall when you're on campus.</p>

<p>sooo... can you switch from ls to engineering, tho?</p>

<p>yes. your app is re-evaluated to see if you would have been accepted into HSSEAS originally.</p>

<p>if not, you take engineering-required classes and try to get a 3.5+ GPA.</p>

<p>there's links somewhere someone else can dig up. otherwise, again, your OC can advise you... that's what they're for...</p>

<p>do you know anyone who has switched from school of arts and architecture to college of letters, arts, and sciences? because students in school of arts and architecture need to be signed out of the professional school</p>