Is it possible to take back scores already sent?

<p>So I took the May and June SAT. Sent the May to 4 colleges, then had the June one programmed to send to the same 4 colleges.</p>

<p>However, on the day of the June SAT, I felt like I really didn't do to well, so I immediately canceled the sending of the scores, thinking I'd like to see the scores first. If they were good, I could just pay to have them sent.</p>

<p>As expected, I did worse on my June SAT. However, I was horrified to see that in my sending history, BOTH SCORES WERE SENT to the 4 colleges on June 22.</p>

<p>I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that I canceled the sending of the scores (I really felt like I did crappy in the SAT), but how did this happen?</p>

<p>Anyway, does anyone have this kind of experience? Is it possible to take it back or cancel the score-sending when it was already sent?</p>

<p>I'm furious right now and sent an email to collegeboard. Any advice on how this issue can be resolved?</p>