Is it possible to transfer from RISD to UC Davis?

I am going to be a sophomore at the Rhode Island School of Design and I am interested in transferring over to a Nutrition Major hopefully in the Fall of 2021. Because I currently go to an art college, I do not have any transferable credits needed for UC Davis. So I was wondering if I would need to complete any major requirements at a community college first, like how would I do it, and I really be able to complete 60 sem or 90 quarter credits plus a couple more in a year??

I want to go from an illustration major to a nutrition & dietetics major

Are you a California resident? If so, then starting at a California CC is your best option since you get transfer priority.

Do you have an AP/IB or Dual Enrollment HS credit that can be used toward fulfilling the transfer requirements?

If you have little to no UC transferable courses/credit, you would be starting basically from scratch and a 1 year transfer is not realistic. Taking all units this Fall through Spring will require a significant course load and UCD would expect to see many of your GE and major prep courses completed by time of application this Fall.

Fall 2022 is a more realistic target and you should start now to meet that goal.

UC Davis offers TAG (Transfer admission guarantee) where if you meet the GPA and course requirements, you are guaranteed an acceptance. See link:

Here are the transfer requirements for UC Davis. They occasionally accept a lower division (less than 60 semester/90 quarter unit) transfers for Nutrition but you still need to meet the minimum UC transfer requirements by application time.

Subject Requirement:
You must complete the following UC requirements in English and math with a letter grade of C or better:

-Two transferable college courses (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units) in English composition
-One transferable college course (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units) in mathematical concepts or quantitative reasoning
It is strongly recommended that students complete UC transfer requirements in the areas of English composition and mathematics by the end of fall term prior to enrollment.

You must also complete four transferable courses with letter grades of C or better from at least two of the following subject areas:

-Arts and humanities
-Social and behavioral sciences
-Physical and biological sciences
These courses, along with any prerequisite courses for your major, must be completed by the end of the spring term before your transfer to UC Davis for fall enrollment.

Major prep courses include Chemistry, Biology and a Intro Nutrition course.