Is it possible to work as a nurse if obtained BSN and while pursuing dental pre reqs?

Good morning, everyone

I think I finally got everything figured out by now. Since my time is very low have to get a BS degree cause being jobless is very boring.

After doing research, turns out a student can have any BS degree major and apply to medical or dental school once the prereqs are met. For example, a BS Criminal Justice, and still apply to schools they wish. A person doesn’t have to major in chemistry or biology but that is preferred for the schools.

I’m thinking of going to pursue a BSN degree and that will be my final Pell grant money it will have depleted fully to 600% once I get that BSN.

While I am working; I’m going to take on the dental school prereqs such as biochemistry, organic chemistry 1 and 2, whatever is needed, I will pay out of pocket for those courses since I won’t have any more Pell grants due to the BS degree that used it up. Plus there won’t be more Pell grants once a student has their BS degree. That;'s what financial aid had told me.

I sometimes wonder if it’s possible to work as a nurse while wrapping up those pre-dental courses :thinking:

What do you users think of this awesome plan? :slight_smile:


People work while taking classes all the time. I worked full time during the day while also pursuing an associates degree full time in the evenings. You just need to coordinate your schedule to make it happen. I’m sure you already knew that though, hopefully you did anyway.


Okay but I’m currently pursuing my second associated degree and it was near impossible for me to work this fall 21.

Why because I had taken

General Chemistry 1 - Tue-Thur 8 AM - 11:45 AM
Differential Equations Tue - Thur 2:00 PM - 3:20 PM
Physics 2 Electricity & Magnetism Tue - Thur 5:30 PM till 9:30 PM
Calculus 3 - Mon-Wed 9:30 AM - 12:30 pm
Linear Algebra Mon-Wed 2:00 PM - 3:20 PM

That semester fall 21 semester was a nightmare but managed to pass those courses.

Keeping up with the homework was tough had to use Fri, Sat, and Sun to finish all my work and every time I did something there was another task to start.

If a student is taking an insane amount of courses it’s near impossible to work, once you finish all those headache courses then everything becomes gold :slight_smile:

All the courses you are currently taking with the exception of General Chem, are not requirements for Dental School/Medical School or a BSN. I know you are pursuing an 2nd AA but what for? Transfer into a 4 year college, finish a degree and then pursue a post Bacc BSN or apply to Dental/Medical school. You are just wasting time and money. Get on with life.

Here is some advice in regards to taking Medical school and possibly Dental school pre-req courses at a Community college courtesy of @WayOutWestMom:

Taking coursework at a CC is non-ideal but it’s not a total dealbreaker for med school.

While it’s true that some medical schools will not accept CC credits to fulfill med school admission requirements, many will

IF (and this is a very important IF)

you take additional upper level credits to supplement any CC science credits that you earn.

For example, if you take 3 quarters of intro bio at the CC, you MUST take at least 3 more quarters of upper level biology credits when you are at your 4 year transfer university. If you take 3 quarters of gen chem at the CC, then save ochem and biochem for the 4 year.

Now this may mean you will have to change your preferred major so that you can fit in all the required classes for graduation in your major AND take the rest of your pre-reqs.

I know that you need to earn enough credits to transfer to your desired major and that will require taking some pre-reqs at a CC–like intro bio and gen chem. But try hard not to take more sciences than just the first year of biology and chemistry. Then make sure you take ochem, biochem plus several more upper level bio classes when you get to your transfer college.

You can certainly take your GEs at a CC, plus non-science pre-reqs like writing skills, intro psych, intro sociology. You could even take Calc 1 and stats. ( If you do take the math classes at a CC make sure to take a biostats class after you transfer.)

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Also, be careful which variations of Gen Chem, Ochem, Intro Bio that you take. At some colleges and CCs, the version that nursing and allied health science majors (dental assisting, dietitian, nutritionist, CLS, nursing, etc) take is different from the version that physical/biological science majors take. And the allied health science version won’t be accepted by med or dental schools as fulfilling admission requirements.

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I just want the second associate degree for other purposes.
But I might pursue a BSN and work pay for the prereqs for dental school, after that I need a break, all these courses feel like a prison.

Are you a full pay student or are you attending school using grants? If your parents are willing/able to pay for you to be a professional student then getting a 2nd associate’s doesn’t matter. But if you’re paying with grants you need to get your bachelor’s and figure out how to continue your education from there.

I still don’t feel comfortable with the concept working. Still thinking.

If your courses feel like prison now- and you haven’t even gotten your Bachelor’s, how are you going to feel with the umpteen years ahead of you to become a dentist???

This plan seems ill considered.

You need to pivot- starting in January- to a plan which gets you on course. I cannot fathom a reason for a second Associate’s degree. If you’ve got a deep intellectual interest you want to pursue there are all sorts of non-degree programs down the road which will let you do that. You are chewing up time here- the most precious resource in the entire world. The opportunity cost you are paying for NOT launching into some sort of profession or job which pays the bills is a lot higher than you think.

How are you paying out of pocket for more courses if you are Pell eligible? Where’s that cash coming from???


This is probably the 20th thread you’ve started on CC about this issue. Yes, you can work as a nurse or as anything else and complete your med/dental prerequisites while working. Maybe you should post your CC transcript (with the name blocked out of course), and you could get some realistic feedback about whether it’s feasible for you to be planning for med/dental school.

Meanwhile, choose an Associate’s degree that will give you a profession with which you can support yourself, and finish that before your Pell grant money runs out.


At the moment I’m on vacation since I burned myself out with 5 courses. I need my mind to relax for a few weeks before doing anything else.

That’s the problem, I think I figured out my issue; I don’t want no profession telling me how much I should get paid, instead, I should get paid the way I want, all professions deserve that privilege.

I’m probably talking out of tiredness at the moment.

Do you understand how the labor markets work? You get paid for goods and services rendered. It has nothing to do with what you want! We all want a six figure salary for working 15 hours a week from home.

I am sad that your Pell is going to run out before you have a viable plan for launching into your adulthood. But as committed as I am to helping you figure things out, I can’t help someone who doesn’t want the help.

So Namaste. Enjoy your break and good luck.


I’m a very hard-headed person.

I will not do such thing as follow the labor market, my soul is tainted with money greed and that will never change who I am.

Humans should live this life lavishly and with extreme passive income monthly. You live life once live it rich.

I’m guessing that if your extreme passive income was coming in as you wished, you wouldn’t be Pell eligible. Nor would you be posting looking for ways to finish an Associate’s degree AND get a BSN AND become a dentist.

There are many people who earn an honest living who are not “tainted” with money greed. But you do you…


Agree, with above and I sense that you:

  • Don’t know what you are doing based on all of your previous posts.

  • Running out of time and money and are avoiding transitioning to a college because of ?
    Inability to complete higher coursework at extremely rapid rates? Inability to compete with other students?

I have no idea why you are so scared to launch. You seem to be using this website to rationalize really poor decisions and misinformation.

Then you need to change your major and quit starting new AA degrees to procrastinate in getting out. These programs require people with realistic and timely goals.

There is no “break” in professional schools. None, You are on your feet constantly during your shifts. As a nurse, your shifts are tiring and you wear yourself out, as well as your clothing. Your “breakfast /lunch/dinner” breaks are a breakfast bar. You don’t sleep. You have to work as a team, with your colleagues, and cover each other every day, every shift. No one wants a drag on their team.

Dental School and Medical schools are even worse. Those programs are very expensive. It doesn’t appear as though you will get in because you’ve already demonstrated a minimal need or “drive” to succeed. You are on Pell, which means you wont qualify for the large loans needed to pay for those programs.

Also, where on this planet do you think you will work?

You don’t get to demand what your pay rate would be and what hours you will work. If you are independently wealthy, then maybe you can set your own pay and pay yourself. But you are on Pell.

You won’t be hired anywhere with a fantasy idea for a job, and there is no “Financial Aid” for people who aren’t willing to work hard.

Please! We, taxpayers are currently paying for your education. We don’t need another person on public assistance, who can work but is unwilling to work. Those government funds are limited, targeted for young families and require work efforts.


I snapped back to reality from my relapse of fear.

I’m a very picky eater, I eat dinner in the morning. If I don’t get to eat what I want then there’s no chance I will cooperate with another person, without proper food I desire my stomach pains.

But I sometimes feel fear should I really get this degree and move onto something higher, it’s fear that’s keeping me from doing work.

Plus I only pursued a second associate degree no harm in that besides my pell being at 300 something percent.

I’ve done worse in community college 6-course loads but I’m just scared and don’t know how to overcome this fear.

I think it’s cause I keep telling myself I should have finished my bachelor’s at age 20 and look where I am now 29 1/2 years old, losing patience day by day, wanting to finish my goals but fear get’s in the way.

Your CC has either, mental health counselors in well-being, or referrals for counselors.

You should, use what little time you have left at your CC, to meet weekly with a well-being counselor.


In your other threads you said that you want to earn $300,000 a year but don’t see why you should have to work for someone else. That doesn’t sound like fear.

In 3 years you’ll be 32. You can either continue on your current path and have a 2nd associate’s by then and zero Pell left or transfer to a 4 year school now and have a bachelor’s degree. Which outcome do you prefer?