Is it possible toget accepted to CSULB or CSUF for graphic design(major)

I am a senior in high school. My goal is to get accepted to CSULB or CSUF for graphic design(major). But my current GPA is 3.17…(all 5 credits each sub) and I have to do college application in a month. I took Studio Art for 2 years and now I’m taking AP Art and Design class, and Graphic Comm… for this first semester, my first goal is get all A’s on my grade to raise my GPA this semester.
My biggest concern is that I can get into CSULB or CSUF and I would like to know what I can get the maximum grade during in one semester.

The Cal states do not consider Senior grades so your GPA will be only 10-11th grades for the a-g courses.

Use the link for the CSU GPA calculator:

Are you within the local service area for CSUF or CSULB?

If so, you get priority if you are local but not a guarantee on your major choice.

For 2019, average GPA for Local Graphic Design major admits was 3.47 and for Non-locals it was 3.94.

Definitely worth an application but not a solid Match school.

CSUF does not breakout their student GPA data by major, but the average CSU GPA for all admitted students was a 3.7 in 2019.

If a portfolio is required, you could have an advantage. I would say apply widely and include several other non-impacted Cal states that offer your major.

I currently go to CSUf but I’ll be transferring to CSULB next semester. I’m a local so for CSUF you at least need a 2.7 gpa to get in but for CSULB better chance 3.0 or above and your A-G requirements done(They’re big on those). I got in with a CSULB with 3.1. CSUF you will be applying for BA studio art no matter what Art concentration, once you get in after fulfilling the major requirements,(example 2d art, art history etc) with a 3.0 you petition for your concentration like illustration, animation, etc. Some Art concentrations will need a portfolio, in your case for CSUF you don’t need a portfolio for graphic design. You will just fill out a form, pretty much. For CSULB though, you do need a portfolio. Apply as a BA major because even if you apply for graphic design. Every newly admitted art student is put into BA Art, then you have to work on an art portfolio and general ed classes. You also need a 3.0 not highschool gpa, your CSU gpa. You get 2 chances to get in the program, if you apply for graphic design on your CSU application you already used one of your chances. I’m going to be honest CSULB art BFA programs/art concentrations, are pretty competitive/hard, but their art program is really good so it’s worth it. They have lots of connections to companies and most of my art friends have graduated there with great experience.