is it possible?

<p>GPA 91 (top 10%)
(btw i took them twice, took acts twice, in addition to sat princeton review prep course, i'm just an incredibly anxious test taker which is why i didnt perform well on these)
crit read.: 600
writ.: 540
senior year courses: (very dissapointed w/some of my teachers this year)
ap microeconomics
ap physics
col. eng. thru SUNY system (new paltz)
col. algebra thru SUNY system (new paltz)
col. spanish 5 thru SUNY system (albany)
wind ensemble</p>

<p>ap scores (meh) bio:3 ap us:3</p>

<p>ecs: very good
flute(4 years, wind ensemble, concert band (section leader) NYSSMA auditions, two recitals, pit orchestra, festivals of winds in 3 states, private lessons, many, many hours of practice, sent a recording to several of my schools)
varsity cross country (4 years, most improved award)
Varsity nordic skiing went to Lake Placid to train, have scarred knees(3 years, made it to sectionals last year, this year did not perform so well because i'm on injury)
National Honor Society (Breast cancer, and juvenile diabetes walks, community service, and peer tutoring)
drama club and pit orchestra (3 years)
science olympiad:one year, performed decently for not studying at all
scuba diving
published in high school's literary magazine
expanded horizons: we discuss ethics, i really enjoyed this(sophmore year)</p>

<p>other: male, bi-racial (white and hispanic)
dual citizenship in US and in Mexico</p>

<p>demonstrated interest: i visited the college in the summer, then attended "Discover Davidson" w/ the overnight option in october</p>

<p>essays and recs: main essay: i thought it was pretty good, talked about time i spent with my father seeing colleges
i had two very good recs from two different teachers and one from my private flute teacher which i sent with a recording; this rec was amazing :)</p>

<p>short answer: very good, discussed my passion for nordic skiing
davidson supplement: i wish i would have spent more time on it instead of my swarthmore supplement; some aspects of my davidson supplement were very good i thought and honest, but there was one part that i'm a little worried about regarding the honor code question, which is probably the most important one. </p>

<p>i have taken (and taking) the most academically rigorous course load possible at my school: 4 units of science, 4 units of social science/ history, 4 units foreign language, 4 units english, 4 units math, 5 units in music, and 1 unit in keyboarding and communications. i wish i did better this year though, i really feel strongly about this place.</p>

<p>sorry, the title might be deceiving, but this is a chances thread, please give me some feedback, i'm just very anxious because i was waitlisted at a school which i really thought was a safety for me. this particular school rejected my friend who is ranked higher than i am, he's tenth in our class, and waitlisted my other friend who is fourth. i just don't know if i have a realistic shot at davidson, the school which waitlisted me is a state school in new york, it's part of the SUNY system, so i thought all my friends and myself were lock-ins considering we're new york state citizens. i really am sorry, i these can be annoying, i just want to have a peace of mind, thank you.</p>

<p>The SATS scores are really low which I imagine explains the wait-listing at the SUNY system school. The 91 average, which I read as a low A-, is not great, though the fact that it puts you in the top 10 percent of your class suggests your school may have generally low grading. it is virtually impossible to judge chances; possibly ethnic and geographic diversity will come into play in some of your upcoming admissions decisions, and it also soudns as though your flute skills might be appealing. And your skiing adds a nice touch too.</p>

<p>One point to consider though: if you are taking super-demanding courses you should really also try to focus on becoming a better--that is, less anxious-- tester so that the numbers are a better match for what you believe your academic strengths to be. Getting a 530 on the math SAT I yet taking college algebra and AP physics is a fairly unusual scenario I suspect.</p>

<p>thank you for the feedback mattmom. and yes, i understand that there is no defenite thumbs up or down when it comes to evaluating one's chances; moreover, i figured that my low math was what got me waitlisted, but i just recently received my bio sat2 which was a 660, and this score has already been received by all my schools; do you think that this might help a little considering i mentioned in my application that i wanted to pursue a biology major? also, i visited Davidson in the summer and attended the Discover Davidson weekend with the overnight option, will this demonstrated interest help me ?</p>

<p>I'm sorry--I have no idea. I don't think the 660 is going to be much help or hindrance--it is a sort of average score. I know it's hard to wait for decisions from schools, especially ones you really like, but you are certainly not alone.--good luck, though.</p>

<p>what school were you waitlisted at??</p>

<p>SUNY Geneseo; i couldn't believe it, i really though i was a lock-in, but then again the SUNY system puts a great deal of emphasis on SATS, so that's probably why i was waitlisted, moreover, they're accepting roughly about 30% of the 11000 plus applicants this year. but i'm not all that discouraged, i remember my older brother was rejected from SUNY Binghamton, but accepted and currently attending Hamilton college. Admission to schools these days is incredibly arbitrary i guess.</p>