Is it rare that I got into UCLA with less than 90 quarter units?

<p>I got admitted to UCLA (Computer Science and Engineering) from Cal Poly Pomona with 88.5 quarter units(Units Earned) and 84.5 units (units attempted). Is this a rare case? UC states that you need minimum 90 quarter units to admit(or apply) and I heard that they are pretty strict about this. I am wondering if they made a somekind of mistake or something.. or is it possible to get into uc with less than 90 quarter unit..? </p>

<p>Also I have listed that I will attend summer school (major-core class; NOT a pre-req; 4 units) which will make my units more than 90 but the class was cancelled due to low enrollment. So I added Psychology and US history (GE classes; 8units). Will this affect my admission?</p>

<p>I had 3.5 gpa when I applied, most classes are math, physics, and engineering classes.</p>

<p>oh! I've finished all the required classes.</p>

<p>you might have calculated your units wrong, or they want you to have at least 90 when you transfer. they want you to have 90 before you transfer. ive seen threads in the past where people with great gpas get rejected because they didnt have 90 like they said they would. you should contact an admissions officer to make sure that they don't rescind your offer.</p>

<p>umm i think they know already because yes i put 92 units total when I turned my application but when I updated my application(Required for all uc transfers), I put less than 90 units and I got admitted. Also, I turned my provisional problem form (reporting changes - transfer students for ucla) which was less than 90 units and they said it won't affect my admission decision.</p>

<p>But I will have 96 units after my summer quarter.</p>