Is it really OK to take the ACT instead of subject area tests??

<p>A couple of the colleges that my daughter may decide to apply to (Wellesley and Duke, possibly others) state on their websites that they require EITHER 2 subject area tests along with the SAT OR, the ACT with writing. They also state that if you are applying for a degree in science (which she would likely be), one of those tests should be in math/science.</p>

<p>She thinks she would rather take the ACT than sit for subject area tests, but we wonder if that is really equal in the eyes of admissions, or if they would prefer you take the Subject tests. Can you still just take take the ACT w/ writing if you are also taking the regular SAT, or is the ACT option really only a valid option if you aren't taking the SAT at all?</p>

<p>It’s considered equal to the ACT because the ACT is more common in much of the US.</p>

<p>The ACT does both have a Science an</p>

<p>Sorry about that… I pressed Send before I was done.
The ACT does have both a Science and a Math section, and the ACT math is more advanced than SAT math, so it is much more comprehensive in that sense than the SAT. If colleges say they are equal options, then I wouldn’t look into it too much.</p>

<p>Yes, you can do exactly what they allow. There are 29 colleges that actually require subject tests and 18 of those accept the ACT in lieu of both the SAT and SAT subject tests, Duke and Wellesley included (the group also includes Penn, Yale, Brown, and Columbia). Many who submit ACT do get admitted and you should not assume that a college that says it accepts ACT in lieu of both SAT and SAT subject tests has a hidden agenda to act more favorably to those who submit SAT and SAT subject tests.</p>

<p>My daughter was accepted by Duke with ACT w/ writing and no Subject Tests.</p>

<p>Then again, taking the SAT Subject tests gives a boost to your app if you do well and if you don’t then they won’t see them. Worth it imo.</p>

<p>Why on earth would these highly reputable colleges say it was all right if they didn’t mean it?</p>

<p>Just watch out for this scenario. She doesn’t take the subjects tests, then decides at the last minute she wants to apply to one of the schools that doesn’t take the ACT as a substitute. My son used his ACT only at many schools but still needed the subject tests at a few (engineering) schools.</p>