Is it rude to have not decided on a Grad School yet?

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>My apologies if the title of this thread was a bit confusing. I'm working very hard to narrow down my final grad school decisions (engineering M.S.). I have narrowed my decision down to 3 universities (of the 9 I applied). However, there is one school I have yet to visit and I'm trying to find the time/money to visit this final school and the city. I have been told that it is very important to visit your colleges before accepting any offers. Ideally, I would like to visit this school before I make any decisions. However, time flies and it's already April. I am wondering if I'm being rude by not getting back to these 3 schools. I really like all 3 programs and I don't want to abuse a good thing by delaying my decision till it's too late and/or I've ticked ppl off. </p>

<p>So, I'm wondering if I would be rude by not giving a decision to these schools by April 10 - ish. Is it uncommon for people to still be deciding at this point? Is it rude to the university?</p>

<p>What is the deadline the schools have provided to accept? As long as it’s before the deadline you’re fine. If you need an extension of a week or so, say from now to the 10th, that would be fine to ask. They may or may not give it to you.</p>

<p>I once had a school give me a deadline for late Feb, but I asked for an extension since I hadn’t heard back from another school yet, so they gave me til end of March. I didn’t hear back from the other school til a few days before that deadline, so I was lucky I asked.</p>

<p>anom217 - were they similar programs in the same field? Since most colleges respond by mid-March, I’d be pretty worried to have a deadline to respond in late February. Glad to hear they extended it for you. I know some programs might have different deadline structures (in my case, I’m looking at social psychology in the social science schools and marketing/consumer behavior in the business schools, but the deadlines seem to be about the same for admissions and decisions). </p>

<p>From what I’ve seen, the beginning - middle of April is typical to give a decision to the program. Definitely look at your deadlines and keep in touch with admissions.</p>

<p>Well there are people who are waitlisted and still anxious to hear back… So it would be nice if you could decline the offers from schools that you are certainly not interested in.</p>