Is it rude to send an aggressive email to a college that you intend to withdraw?

I’ve been accepted to another school but I was already enrolled in SFSU. I called and emailed them about withdrawing 3 times since early June, but there was still no reply. I’ve still received emails and they still think I’m going to attend even though I haven’t sent transcripts or anything. My last straw was receiving an email about orientation, so I sent my 4th email about withdrawing. Am I wrong for sending this email? Will I have a bad rep in colleges or something??

The email goes as following: “I would like to withdraw from attending SF State. Please withdraw me as soon as possible.

I’ve emailed and called multiple times in June to withdraw and there was no response. When I called the office they were rude and gave no help, stating that I just have to wait. I’ve waited almost two months now and it’s ridiculous that I’m still getting emails from SF State and how I am still enrolled into the school. The lack of communication is appalling when I have tried to contact the school about my withdrawal multiple times.”

Can you withdraw thru the portal?

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no when I called admissions they said it can only be done thru email.

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Cancellation of Admission

Admission will be canceled automatically if a student is accepted by SF State for a given semester and does not register for that semester.

Since you have tried to withdraw properly, I would leave it alone and have them cancel the admission when you do not register for Fall.


My S20 ran into that problem with an in-state public university that accepted him. They continued to send email updates throughout the summer, through the first year, and even continue to send me emails about “family weekend”, “homecoming”, “get ready for the new semester to begin”, “housing options” and such. In the beginning I sent them repeat emails reminding them he was not attending their campus, but got no response. We probably receive about 15 emails a year from this school, and my son is now a senior at a different university. Now I just chuckle when they send us something.

A couple of other schools (private universities) to which he was accepted continue to be very aggressive in trying to get my son to transfer. It’s comical at this point, because like I said, he’s a senior now.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If it bothers you, just block the email account.


trust me- if you don’t pay your bill, you will be “unenrolled” in a minute and a half!


DON’T worry about the administrative issues of a college you will not be attending.

DO hold onto the emails you sent notifying the college of your withdrawal.


I wouldn’t worry about this. You have the emails you sent as proof, but frankly, without them having your money, there won’t be any repercussions for you. Don’t email them again. Four times is plenty.

Most likely, a human hasn’t yet taken your name out of the system. They are concentrating on incoming students and will get to the withdrawals when they have a chance.

As a side note, you may continue to get emails from various colleges, even long after you’ve started somewhere. One of my kids was getting emails asking her to apply when she was a college soph. The kicker is that it was a college she had never applied to or shown any interest in.

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If they haven’t read your past emails they won’t see your rude one.

I’d not worry.

My daughter got welcome emails from a public for 6 or 9 months after school started. She never accepted.

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Well, I can beat this. My daughter got accepted (with letter) and scholarship to a school she never applied to… Lol