Is it Safe?

<p>I have read conflicting opinions as to how safe Tulane is.</p>

<p>This is a serious concern to me, because I had a client whose daughter was deciding on which medical school to go to, and she chose a school in New Orleans (not sure which one), and she was murdered. </p>

<p>I realize it could have happened anywhere, but it happened in New Orleans.</p>

<p>My kid is not a city kid.</p>

<p>He could probably deal with a Boston, but not a Detroit.</p>

<p>I live 15 minutes away from Tulane. No murders going on here. If your child stays in the Tulane area, he should be fine. Most people get in trouble when they go off wandering downtown. One wrong turn, and you could easily end up in a bad neighborhood. Some people who come from out of state don't know how to handle New Orleans at first.<br>
Most of the violent crime you hear going on in New Orleans happens deep into the city. Areas surrounding Tulane and New Orleans' suburbs are fairly safe.
I wouldn't be worried about murders.</p>

<p>Edit: At orientation (and Destination Tulane), they tell you how your child can be safe at Tulane. They have some pretty good advice.</p>

<p>Thanks for your response.</p>

<p>I had read, for example, that Johns Hopkins was dangerous, but it looked pretty safe to me when I visited there recently.</p>

<p>Also, keep in mind that the Tulane Medical school is downtown and is not part of the Uptown campus. Actually, both of the New Orleans Medical schools (LSU and Tulane) are downtown and very close to each other. </p>

<p>When I was visiting colleges with my daughter, I really liked the bucolic New England liberal arts schools in really small towns, and my daughter was very attracted to the urban schools. Of all of the urban schools we visited, Tulane feels most safe to me. If you have not already read them, the campus crime logs for Tulane are online, and I think if you read a years worth they provide a pretty good impression of what goes on...</p>

<p>Sorry to hear about your client's daughter. In general, most of the folks I know who went to medical school anywhere did residencies / internships in urban hospitals serving indigent populations, with odd hours etc, and safety was always something that had to be considered.</p>

<p>floridadad - this has been discussed on the Tulane threads ad nauseum, and you can find older threads with some searching. Bottom line is that with common sense Tulane area is as safe, or safer than, the vast majority of campuses out there, especially urban ones. Many of us have daughters there, in fact the freshman class one or two classes ago was something like 64% female. While many of us would not dream of telling our children where they have to go to school, some of us might strongly push them away from certain schools that are in worse areas. I have no more qualms about her being at Tulane than I would at most other schools with respect to safety.</p>

<p>previous post in June 2011</p>

<p>*I was very impressed with the security at Tulane.
The Tulane security are "REAL" police officers with guns, hand cuffs, etc.
They can arrest anyone in the city limits of New Orleans. Many are former police officers from New Orleans or other cities. I wish I could remember the exact # of officers. I want to say 40 or so but that may be wrong. There are always 4 police cars on duty. New Orleans allows the Tulane police force to patrol a one mile radius in every direction from the campus of Tulane. Therefore, neighborhoods adjacent to Tulane are patrolled by the city of New Orleans as well as the Tulane police.
The patrols are 24/7.
Between the hours of 8pm and 4am, the Tulane police department also gives free rides to and from any establishment within a certain # of blocks from Tulane (maybe 10, I can't recall). Within that radius is everything you need and maybe some you don't ( 10 bars). last year the Tulane police department gave over 58,000 rides to students.
Furthermore, if a student finds themselves separated from their group or feels they are in trouble, the student can call the Tulane Police Department and they will pick the student up anywhere in the city.
If a student request an escort on campus from one building to the next, the Tulane Police will walk the student from any building on campus to another building.
Tulane also has a very impressive # of emergency phone call boxes located very short distances apart on the periphery of the Tulane campus.
Tulane security is in a league of its own. *

<p>You might create a spreadsheet of reported campus crimes per Dept of Education stats, including incidence of crime per the student population.
The</a> Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool
After I calculated the number of violent incidents per students for the schools my D was interested in, I found that Tulane's was fairly low in comparison.
With Tulane's focus on security, I also doubt there is under-reporting.
In the tragic case of Beverly Clearey, which precipitated the government's collection of campus crime statistics, her parents did not want her to attend Tulane, as her brother(s) did because of the robbery of a student, and she ended up at a rural LAC in PA.</p>

<p>Yes, but the fact that they NEED that much security shows that it is at least potentially unsafe.</p>

<p>I doubt they have that much security at Dartmouth.</p>

<p>First, sorry, I meant Jeanne Cleary.
I would imagine that city campuses usually don't come out as well as rural ones.
But, in 2009, Tulane had more students and fewer rapes than Dartmouth (Tulane both campuses 8 and Dartmouth 10). Neither had a murder.</p>

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<p>Every campus is potentially unsafe. Any time you have a collection of young people with a relatively high degree of disposable income, it will attract people to prey on them. The concentration of young women in one area obviously presents an issue.</p>

<p>MWestMom is right though, you can find highly tragic incidents everywhere. Chapel Hill NC (murder of young woman), Blacksburg, VA (mass murder), Columbus OH (unusually high rate of rape a few years back) and so on and so forth. Of course New Orleans is potentially unsafe, but the fact that everyone knows this helps keep it safer around Tulane. Bottom line is the track record over many years is good. Almost every more serious incident (and there are not many) is a result of someone being alone at 3 in the morning in Audubon Park or somewhere else off campus. Again, there have been one or two exceptions a few years back, but everywhere has that.</p>

<p>Tulane does not under report at all. If anything, they report more by reporting the surrounding area than most schools, and they make it very transparent. I had trouble finding similar statistics at many other schools when my D was looking.</p>

<p>Do you not remember the awful murders just off Dartnouth's campus in Hanover a few years back? One was a brutal murder of 2 professors CNN</a> Transcript - Saturday: Murder in Hanover, New Hampshire Stuns Community - February 3, 2001 The other was a murder-suicide Hanover</a> Couple Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire Sorry to be so graphic, bust stuff happens anywhere, even in bucolic Hanover. Please do not start another thread about how unsafe Tulane is. It isnt true. I subscribe to the emails from the campus police and see what goes on. Its not perfect- stuff occasionally happens. But when students use good sense, they should be fine. I understand your reticence given your friend's experience, and that is truly tragic. But serioulsy, take a look at teh school before you deside.</p>