Is it smarter to slowly take school, or quit and finish it quickly

So my current dilemma starts with the fact that I’m a current employee at Embry-Riddle Prescott and I’m also taking as many classes as I can.

I just started this year and I already feel like I’m going to be going to school for a long time. I’d like to double major too, which my Employee Tuition Assistance will only cover the cost one one Bachelor’s Degree.

The other issue is the fact that while I’m working at Embry-Riddle, I’m not allowed to accept any other form of scholarship/grants for attending school, and even if I opted to pay out of my own pocket, due to employee agreements, they can prevent me from taking additional classes.
I’m currently working an evening shift working 4x10 hour shifts, and will soon be moving to 5x8 hour shifts, freeing up more time, I’m confident I can take on a full-time class load.

My biggest concerns are just what’s the best course of action, leaving my job and having to use scholarships/loans could end up in a lot of money owed.

That also raises the issue of extracurricular and internships, while working full time, I can’t accept any kind of internships, and due to the hours I work, I’m working during the time all the extracurricular clubs take place, meaning I hurt my chances of finding a job after graduation.
I would like to be able to quit and leave my job, I just don’t know how smart it would be to have to rely solely on scholarships/grants and loans for all my expenses, and it makes me nervous to do something like that. I’d just like some other opinions about what the best and smartest option/path would be an this point.