Is it still possible for me to get into a UC school with my current academic standing?

I am a sophomore and attend an Early College High School (where you take college courses while still in high school). My freshman year, I received a 4.0 high school GPA. My sophomore year, I received all A’s except 1 C in Chemistry. I’ve taken several college courses which include: Public Speaking, Health Science, as well as Intermediate Algebra (which I received all A’s and B’s in). However, recently I’ve decided to take a College Algebra class (Math 11) in which I received a D mark.I’m stressed and worried that I will not be able to get into a UC school…
My question is, if I get straight A’s throughout my junior and senior year and get an AMAZING score on the SAT, retake the class, as well as take several college classes (and pass with B’s and A’s) -IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO GET INTO A UC SCHOOL?
Or have my chances of getting into a UC slipped away from me?

Yes, you still have a chance to get into a UC if you take the necessary steps.

UCs calculate applicants’ GPA from sophomore and junior year.

UC’s do not consider Senior grades in their admission decisions. Senior grades are used to make sure you pass and complete your a-g course requirements along with maintaining your provisional admission.
End of Junior year, repost your stats and continue to do well and work hard. UC’s are definitely possible.