Is it suppose to take this long for transcripts?

<p>I applied to Ohio state as a winter 2005 transfer and they asked for my high school transcripts. I went to my high school and told them i had graduated but i was trying to transfer and the new school needed my transcripts so they had me fill out the transcript request papers, this was on october 22. Today I checked my app on the ohio state web site and it says that they still havent recieved my hs transcripts, should it take this long? I dont want to have to go bakc to my hs becuase its a 2 hour drive but i emailed ohio state a couple of days ago and they too told me that they havent gotten my transcripts.</p>

<p>I know for me at least, I went to school in Georgia, that after I graduated my transcript record was kept at our county's school record office. So your best bet would be to contact them, or maybe the public records office depending on where school records after graduation are kept. Good luck.</p>