Is it the end of the world if...

<p>You send in a few things late (by a day or two) to the admissions deadline? Everything is in but my PSAT test scores and a writing supplement. The first i do not know how to send electronically (can anyone help?) and the second there was a slight issue with my teacher but is going to be sent in on monday (aka the second, so it wont get there until the third. The deadline is the 1st)....</p>

<p>it's okay. but your applications won't be looked at until after the applications that were turned in on time. so it could be a slight disadvantage.</p>

<p>its not going to be a problem. The schools have so much mail coming in that even if you did send it in on time they probably wouldn't get to it for a week, but that doesn't mean they would deem it late. I sent my applications to exeter on the 13th (due the 15th) and they weren't processed till the 27th, so don't worry.</p>

<p>I doubt they even start looking at it until Sometime in february.</p>

<p>I have had a lot of issues with some of my school's receiving my applications on time, so don't worry about it too much.. Get in contact with the schools if it's going to be a large amount of time...</p>

<p>For Exeter, Andover, and Milton Feb. 10 is the magical day. Probably a little later for Andover. I called them and they told me have it in by around then, remember this is the biggest App. Season many of the Adcoms have ever faced.</p>