Is it too late for scholarship?

hey. International student, applying to UT Dallas, UT Arlington, SUNY Buffalo.
I’ve seen a lot of students with stats equivalent to me, getting 100% tuition waiver in these universities. I’ve better extra curricular activities that their’s. But many people tell me that it is too late. Scholarships are usually given away in Dec 1st or 2nd week. So am I too late? It is Jan 2nd week already…

EC’s don’t usually matter much or at all for merit. Test scores matter most for merit, and GPA tends to be the second most important part.

Do those schools give merit to int’ls? Many schools do not. YOU need to check their website.

Yes. They do give merit to internationals. I know 4 people from my country who’ve gotten scholarship in past 3 years. But is too late?

Why are you wasting time asking US??? LOOK on those schools’ scholarship websites!!!

Try using Google and insert name of college, and ‘scholarships for internationals’.


The problem is that there is more merit money in the Fall and when it’s given out its gone. If you check the schools’ websites, that’s why they encourage EA rather than RD applications to be in position to compete for that money.