Is it too late to get good grades in Junior year?

In freshman year, I did ok but, I had some Ds and C’s and, I rarely got As. In my sophomore year, I didn’t do great either my GPA was a 2.6 I didn’t get close to getting a GPA of at least a 3.0. Now I’m a junior and, my GPA is 3.8 I’m taking three honors classes. Next year I’m planning on taking probably two AP classes. I was wondering if it is already too late that I’m doing better since I only have two years left of high school. Now. I’m regretting not doing good in my first two years of high school. Is it already too late or, is there still a chance that I can get accepted to some colleges?

Yes, there are colleges that will take you. They aren’t going to be top 50 or even top 100, but considering how many colleges there are out there, you’re still going to have some choices. Take your schoolwork seriously. That’s the best preparation you can do to be college-ready.