Is it too late to send letters of recommendations?

<p>I've actually sent two through mail last month, but I can't find them on the application tracker. I emailed the school and they said that they could only confirm if they have it if it was sent electronically, and now I'm kind of paranoid because I don't have 100 percent assurance that they received them. So my question is, is it too late to send my letters electronically, because I know the deadline was last week.</p>

<p>Same thing happened to my friend- what happens is as long as they have all the required items they will put your app in line to be reviewed, if you letters are processed and put in your file before they review it, they will be considered. If your app starts to be reviewed before the letters get there, it's too late.</p>

<p>I had two sent - one teacher sent his electronically and the other sent his by mail. Neither one of them ever showed up on my application tracker, but the teacher who sent his electronically did get a confirmation on his end. I would assume they have the ones you mailed, but I'd probably send them electronically anyway. The worst they can do is not consider them.</p>

<p>You will never see letters of recommendation on My Student Center. Because they aren't required, they don't display receipt or even acknowledge their existence. Basically, you can assume they arrived safely, or call/e-mail admissions and ask. Also, some people seem to get pretty fast response to individual quesitons like "did my transcripts arrive?", etc by posting them on Admissions UW - Madison's Facebook page.</p>