Is it too late to send SAT scores? (Dec 20 2018)

So my friends and I just found out that college board takes 1-2 weeks to process SAT scores, and would today, Dec 20, be too late for the scores to arrive on time? If it doesn’t arrive on time what should I do? Should I call the universities on the day of the application deadline? Or should I request for a rush send?

The universities I’m applying to are:

  1. NYU
  3. PARSONS (tho deadline is on jan 15 so I'm safe)
  7. USC

Call each school and ask. Or look at their web site. Sometimes it says which date will be the last accepted.

For the ones you list, all of which accept December test scores, if you send scores regular delivery today, you will be fine. All of those accept scores that arrive after the application deadline (note Pratt and Calarts do not require any scores but you can send them if you want them considered). Moreover, it may in a rare case take CB two weeks to send a score but the more usual time is less than a week after you order them sent. The process these days is simply for CB to take your scores and put them in an online account that the college has with CB. The result is that sending and official receipt are simultaneous acts, although the college may take a while to go into the account to download scores and match them to your file.