Is it too late to SIR now?

<p>I applied for fall 2011 and got accepted right away. I didn't SIR because I was still waiting on Cal Poly Pomona, who kept putting off my application for months, saying I was "Eligible for Consideration" until about a month ago, when they rejected me. So I'm wondering if there's any possible way I can still go to CSULA, even though the deadline for the SIR has passed. Is there any way I can at least appeal again?</p>

<p>Any advice would he helpful at this point...</p>

<p>I applied to CSULA for fall 2011 and got rejected for leaving off my GPA, and then not recognizing to update it - missing the deadline to correct it; but I would have otherwise been accepted. I appealed my decision, and I got rejected on technical terms, they’re pretty strict about deadlines.</p>