Is it too late?

<p>Up until now, I've planned on attending Auburn university. I am scheduled to leave this Friday and my classes will start on the 17; Im leaving early for sorority recruitment. Recently, I have had a big change of heart and realized that Auburn is not the place for me and I need to be closer to home at the University of South Carolina. I was accepted there for fall term as well, but declined. I have a lot of family circumstances that contributed to my change of heart, but also after getting to know the school more, I genuinely believe I won't be happy at Auburn. I emailed USC admissions because it is five in the morning here and I will probably call tomorrow. I was a very good student in high school, graduated with a 4.2 GPA, 31 on the ACT, is there any chance at all I can still go to USC before classes start or am I just wasting my time? I am absolutely desperate.</p>

<p>transfer next year would be the best solution so far...</p>

<p>but why do you disinclined even before you reach Auburn... home-school distance is not really a problem i suppose. a lot of students travel 3+hours by air to go to colleges not to mention those international guys... try to enjoy what you've got now, if you turn yourself down, you will never have the chance to experience it. and possibly if you try it, you will like it ...who knows?~~
and if you really don't like it, you can seek to transfer next's no big deal to ... no need to desperate like that...</p>

<p>^^^^ Ummm, right.</p>

<p>Now to answer your question: really no one here can honestly know the answer, right? Certainly USC will try to fill any slots of people who drop out over the summer. Your credentials make you a coveted student. If there's room available, I'm sure USC would love to get another paying student onto their fall roster. Best of luck to you.</p>