Is it true that too great a score increase will get a 0

<p>I scored a 2010 in May, and am shooting for a 2200 in October. Just reading through collegeconfidential, i got the idea that if I improved too much collegeboard might cancel my score. any input?</p>

<p>No your score will not be canceled for that much of an increase.</p>

<p>Higher score alone is not just cause to flag a test score. They must have reasonable suspicion of cheating as well.</p>

<p>My daughter took the SAT on June 5, 2010. Her scores didn't post on the 24th with everyone else including someone from her school who was not seated near her but was in the same room. I called CB and they said to check today. Still not up and online says "scores not available yet" so I called again and was told that it said:</p>

<pre><code> "there was an exception in the score process" and to call back next Tuesday.

<p>Does anyone know exactly what this means? A wrong bubble in the info section or a score raised by 350 or more or someone sitting near her with a score too high or low? And BTW, thank you to everyone. I've been reading your posts for several months before joining and have found a lot of great, useful info.</p>

<p>Besides, even if you got a 2400, that would be about 130 points more per test, which isn't an unreasonable increase at all.</p>

<p>MOMSAT, my son's first SAT was flagged and scores delayed. Why? Because the proctor spotted him using a #2.5 pencil instead of a #2. No kidding. I posted the exact language of his "we'll let you slide, but don't do it again letter" on CC a long time ago. Search and you might be able to find it. We laugh now, but then it was quite :eek:.</p>

<p>In a later test, my son's CR score went from 590 to 740. Math stayed within 20 points. No flag on that one.</p>

<p>an increase of to even 2400 wont get your score flagged</p>


<p>The testing organization uses a two part flagging system, and typically both flags need to be set off to cause a delay.</p>

<p>Reasons to flag include:
- 300 point increase in test score
- Similar answering pattern to a student nearby.
- Other suspicion of cheating (proctor special report, etc)
- Handwriting not matching up from previous tests (this is usually checked after the fact)</p>

<p>Either your daughter or her neighbor probably meet the first two criteria. They are probably investigating the issue to see whether or not to withhold the scorers further. Of course, this is all speculation - it could just be a processing error on CB's part or a mistake in bubbling identification.</p>

<p>my score rose 370 points - they didn't flag it.</p>

<p>@thequestionmark: My gosh, the college board is really thorough....</p>

<p>My first thought was she input her Social incorrectly. But I called and they said that was correct. Then I laughingly thought, maybe all this studying and prep increased her score so much, they wanted to double check it. (She's been doing a ton of prep.) After reading the other stories, I'm thinking hard studying and prep is not a good thing ??</p>

How would you know? One criteria will not cause a delay. And by flag, I mean flag for their use only. They stopped flagging tests for colleges in like 2003.</p>

To criticize ETS for their system is one thing, to suggest that studying and prep might not help one's future is another. </p>

<p>But hey, I'm just a random guy on the internet. So I'll direct you fellows to a more reliable source. Disputes</a> with ETS</p>

<p>do your results still get flagged if you got a low psat score and an incredibly SAT score(1st SAT)?</p>