is it true??

<p>I heard some pretty crazy stories about housing at UMich... Is Baits 1 really closing? What's happening to East Quad??</p>

<p>East Quad and Baits I are closing for renovations. Alice Lloyd will be re-opening. There will thus be about 850 fewer beds on Central Campus. Northwood III will extend further back for Freshmen, and the number of Freshmen in Northwood III is expected to increase from 234 to around 1100.</p>

<p>Do you think it'll affect freshmen admissions in any way?? Lots of rumors were circling around in school today... I'm a senior in high school, and this was a hot topic.</p>

<p>Admission rates are already likely to decrease as is. Projected class size I don't think would really change, since they anticipate renovations and plan for it anyways.</p>