Is it true?

<p>I have been looking into colleges now that I am a junior and NC State is in my top ten schools. I took a tour this summer and thought it was very nice. However, i have heard that it is sort of an artsy school and there isn't as much partying as other schools similar in size. Is this some stereotype I heard or is that what NC state is like? I appreciate your help</p>

<p>I dont know about its partying in comparison to other schools it size but from what I have heard its a pretty active school. I heard it was a little "red necky" which I wouldnt associate with artsy at all.</p>

<p>What did you think about NCSU when you visited?</p>

<p>NCSU does not have a reputation for being either overly artsy or party oriented. It really cannot be pigeon-holed. It is a University of 34k+ students, which makes it a small town inside a larger Capital city. And within that small town, NCSU has 12 Colleges of varying size, each with their own character and culture. </p>

<p>I would encourage you to decide on a school based upon your academic/career interest. NCSU is a national leader in many areas. Then, for social interaction go where you're interests lead you. For example, if you want "artsy" hang out with College of Design students (the smallest College). If you want "red-necky" or animal lovers (pre-Vet), find College of Agriculture&Life Sciences students. I don't mean to stereotype, because many kids break the mold everyday. My point is, having 12 Colleges within the University, you can find whatever you seek -- the party-er, the studious, the activist, the athletic, the disciplined, or the socialite. NCSU offers much diversity, and you really can make it whatever you want after class has ended.</p>

<p>Can a non-red-necky artsy animal lover be pre-vet?</p>

<p>Don't know why anyone would characterize NCSU as artsy. The percentage of liberal arts majors (generally considered the more artsy types) at NCSU is pretty small in comparison to the rest of the student population. I think the "red neck" thing is just a holdover from many years ago when State was known primarily as an Agriculture school. The College of Agriculture is not nearly as big as the College of Management and College of Engineering. DH and S1 are both State grads and def. not redneck. All the kids that went to State who graduated h.s. with S1 were really good students (two got fullrides) , not a redneck among them..just regular suburban kids...who did their fair share of partying along the way:)</p>